Auto ISO in M mode - how to over/under expose?

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Re: Auto ISO in M mode - how to over/under expose?

I use manual and auto iso alot. Most of the time things are fine. If the image is over or under exposed, I simply look to see what iso the camera used and increased or decreased the iso. In other words take if off auto iso. Another thing I do is set the camera for back focus, focus properly, let go of the back focus butom and then point to the part of the picture I want middle grey and push the shutter down half way and then recompose and fire away. Also, some canon camera the set button can be used to set the iso, so changing from auto to something else is easy.

No vamera is perfect. One needs to work around the camera rough edges. until the next model comes out for more money and some of the roghness is fixed.

Life is tough.


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