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Re: Was this forum too placid a place?

Interceptorv12 wrote:

I stumbled on this thread browsing the net for X-S1 reviews. Amongst others, I found this one, so I checked it out, always willing to research other people's experiences and possibly learn something new. Boy was I wrong, this thread turned out to be like entering the kindergarten where a lot of children's toys had been stolen and they threw tantrums because of it.

Trouble is, most of those tantrums came from the people who tried to deny the orbs.

Mind you, a tantrum over a £500 camera that's blatantly faulty AND everyone is running around denying any fault (including the maker!!) is a valid response.

If some of us have no issues with the X-S1, why then are other people trying so desperately to convince us that we should?

It was actually the people running around claiming "no-orbs" who made 90% of the fuss and the trouble and abuse.

I thought this forum is a fun place to be, instead it seems it's occupied by a few "precious" hard headed snobs. Apologies for bursting your bubble!

And it's strange why this thread was re-activated after two months - it's all been acknowledged and accepted that the orby fault existed and exists, so why do the "orb schmorb" thing now?


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Only a sad fool invests their self-worth in a camera! You know who you are...

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