Need some help with Golden Hour photography

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Re: Need some help with Golden Hour photography

Thanks for your suggestions folks. I am quite happy for anyone to play around with my images - as long they're not being used anywhere else, the more the merrier!

RE: Darrel and the swan pic. I actually did an edit like your version before I decided on the original, I've posted my edit below. I agree yours has quite a nice mood to it and I hadn't noticed the sun rays. However I thought these kind of edits were a bit too exaggerated to the original image. I guess I prefer to keep things as true to the original as possible.

RE: David yes I agree the temperature helps. In fact I've boosted it a bit on the original images anyway as they felt cooler than the reality was. Again this decision comes back to my creative decision to try and keep the images close to the reality. It's tempting to make every image nice and warm but it feels like I'm portraying something false, the Scottish Borders is rarely like that.

Thank you all for the kind words and help. I went again up the hills last night for a photo session, got half-way up and saw a tractor raking up hay lines. Looked great so pulled out my camera. No memory card. Sh*t! Lesson learned! More pitfalls to overcome

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