Nikon "refreshes" 1 System...YEA RIGHT!

Started Aug 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Nikon "refreshes" 1 System...YEA RIGHT!

I am seriously considering selling my EM-5 and getting the V1 instead, the V1 combined with the 300mm F4 or maybe the 70-200 gives same impressive results, especially when you consider its speed, weight and size.

The V series for wildlife (where weight is often a issue), and their dSLR for landscape and general purpose use seems to be quite a desirable combination. Canons and Sonys mirror-less cameras do not offer any crop factor advantage so might as well stick with their dSLR. m43 is still struggling to get tracking autofcous and the nearest thing to a decent distance telephoto prime is the expensive 43 300mm 2.8.

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