Everyone knows about the AF issue

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Re: Everyone knows about the AF issue

inasir1971 wrote:

A lot of people seem to have forgotten the basics. There are production variances and you need to fine tune fast lenses, that's why you have AF fine tuning. This has been done for a while quite successfully with traditional methods like lens align and spyder cal which have the added benefit of letting you see the focus shift of that lens and decide how you want to adjust your AF.

Actually I would love to do the adjustments (fine tune) myself, but the implementation is just to basic to be of real help most of the time, especially with zoom-lenses (Canon offers at least two settings wide/tele with the Mk3). There seems to be a correlation with distance, f-stop (focus shift) and color temperature (e.g. AF-assist-light) - How to correct all this with one simple fine tune value? Wasted time...

Please don't get me wrong, actually I use AF fine tune too (also in the range down to -20), because it's the best I can do at the moment, but its in no way a substitute for Nikons quality control and a real fix for the problem.


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