Angkor Cambodia

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Re: Angkor Cambodia

It's still the Wet Season in Cambodia, in September, so travelling light is important - your gear will feel so burdensome as you sweatily scramble round the ruins.

Having said that, I'd be inclined to carry a tripod morning/evening for some low light shots (yet I don't get the point of lugging a monopod with a super fast lens).

Or make do with neither - there are plenty of places to prop your camera at Angkor.

Can't comment on your lens dilemma - only you know what you want to achieve!

Try and find a guide who can advise you how to avoid the tourist hotspots. Personally, I'd rather a less impressive temple to myself than a big one with crowds to match.

And do beware, the big famous temples such as the 'Tomb Raider' temple, are being renovated so don't be too disappointed by the cranes & scaffolding.

My biggest tip to greatly improve your experience - get a tuktuk to any of the dozens of villages just outside the parks boundaries. You'll meet friendly locals who are only used to fleeting glimpses of Westerners as they fly past on their temple quests.

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