Quick review / comparison of Sirui T-025 and Sirui T-1205X

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Re: Quick review / comparison of Sirui T-025 and Sirui T-1205X

I'm afraid I don't have the tripod with me at the moment but will try and remember to check later. Even with the Sirui C-10 the legs touch the head. With a larger diameter head you could either :

  • fold the legs up in the same way and accept that the top of the folded "cone" will be slightly wider, or

  • retract the centre column and have the legs folded down around it like a normal tripod, which will be thinner but you then have the length of the head in addition to the length of the folded legs.


RSColo wrote:

OP, I hope you are still tracking this thread. Do you know how large (diameter) a head can be put on the 1205 and still fold the legs up around it? I am looking at a different brand of head that has a 60mm diameter base.

Reid Shay

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