Leica x2 : blurred photos

Started Aug 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
hariseldon2007 Regular Member • Posts: 123
Re: Leica x2 : blurred photos

Perhaps a better comparison of the two cameras would be to use a tripod in the first instance to eliminate any error introduced by camera movement.

Ensure settings are the same on both cameras, raw, reset both to default settings, use a target that has plenty of detail , perhaps an object at an oblique angle across the frame to see if there are any focus issues.

You need to eliminate the variables and then you can find if where the differences are, isolating the problem will then allow you to proceed. Could be a lens issue or a focus issue or if you find the difference is now reduced then look at camera settings.

Worth persevering, always disappointing when new gear does not live up to expectations but the problem may well be resolved if you isolate the problem in a scientific manner.

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