Ricoh GRD4 vs. Sony DSC RX100

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Re: Now I see

can you imagine a GRD/Q hybrid??

ricoh's UI and pentax's style... a "GRD-35" fixed-lens, fixed-focal length (35mm equivalent) compact camera, in fact the most compact camera with a built-in electronic viewfinder... but to make room for it there isn't even an LCD screen but it's still small and slim enough to easily fit in a pocket... a miniature fuji x100, if you will, a mini x10 for that matter... ricoh style snap focus features and generally fast, near-instant AF responsiveness overall... basically a GRD with an EVF bigger and better than the OM-D's instead of an LCD screen, with a bigger sensor, a bit of the pentax Q's retro knobs (should be able to quickly and easily adjust settings without taking your eye away from the viewfinder) and visual styling as well as ricoh's unassuming sleekness, a bright 35mm-eqiuv. prime lens instead of a 28mm (or any kind of zoom for that matter), size like a GRD or Q or smaller, and pentax and ricoh's general penchant for quirky, respectful and progressive camera design. the intended photographic experience : being able to hold it up to your eye (from your pocket, with just one hand) and snap a quick photo from a physical point in space that is closer to your own eyes' and mind's viewpoint than almost any other digital camera which is usually held out a few inches in front of your face -- and with the 35mm's more natural, less wideangle angle of view, it would make for a more personal and documentarianistic (uhh if ya know what i mean) kind of camera than most compacts. it'd be drop-dead cool of course, an instrument favored by the likes of 007... (not batman (olympus OM-D) or darth vader (panasonic G5)!)

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