"Magical" colors: is 5D3 closer to 5D than 5D2 was?

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Re: "Magical" colors: is 5D3 closer to 5D than 5D2 was?

I have heard the same - that the 5D3 is closer to 5D in its "character" OOC.

I think it's a combination of a slightly more accurate colorbalance, different hues, improved filter and tweaked profiles - both JPG engine and RAW profiles in different software. In some situations the difference might be zero, however depending on light there might be bigger variations - or as many would put it: another "look-and-feel". That's why colorcharts and beerbottles are totally pointless in this area. You literally want the whole picture and in different situations.

It is important to understand that (with some exceptions) a sensor with its colorfilter (whatever brand and model) is unique and OFCOURSE the output will differ. Some will notice a difference, some will not. Some will like it, some will not. And perhaps most importantly...some will think it matters and some don't even care because there's so much planned in post anyway.

Personally, I think I prefer the old 5D OOC approach to colors - they FEEL a bit more lifelike to my eyes. But the 5D2 is so much better in all other areas so I don't mind the little extra tweak to get the hues where I want them.

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