Ricoh GRD4 vs. Sony DSC RX100

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Re: Now I see

pocketpygmy wrote:

it may have an aging sensor, but its lens is certainly not something designed for obsolescence. i "downgraded" from m4/3 to a GRD4 and, y'know what, i don't really miss it... and i am continually impressed with the sharpness of the GRD's lens. i didn't think i'd notice a perceptible difference between sensor size and lens quality, but here i am, talkin' nothing but flowers...

also, sony cameras have no soul. i've done the tests, believe me.

This Zeiss lens on the RX100 is pretty impressive. Still hard to tell fully though as I'm still only JPG only until I get software RAW updates.

But I agree, if Ricoh puts a GR lens on a 20MP 1" sensor, it'll be a winner. But that means they'll end up with three different sized GR 28mm lenses including the current GRD and GXR lenses.

Maybe they can use the current GRD lens and 1/1.7" sensor on the Q (sans sensor stabilization so it will fit) and so the new GRD would be the 1" version. There's really no reason they need to stick with a 1/1.7" sensor for the GRD forever as it was originally a full 35mm film camera to begin with anyway.

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