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Re: Hi John,

yehudakgtbnet wrote:

What we see here looks like mouth-to-mouth feeding (Trophalaxis).
Could you please give the technical details and settings?

Thank you,

Hey Yehuda,

Here's the tech specs: Canon 1D Mark III (F13, 1/250, ISO 100) + a Canon MPE-65mm macro lens (@ 4x) with an 81A warming filter + a diffused MT-24EX. Hand held, single frame, and no cropping. This species is either sensitive to the light from the flash, or they can feel the vibration of the shutter, so I only get one frame (they jump after the first shot).

I had placed some honey on the tree that these Carpenters live in, and had noticed this behavior several times. I though that they may also be sharing information about the location of the food, since it was common to see the receiver go to where the honey was after being fed (although they didn't always feed on it when they got there). There also seems to be a few different types of this same species, and they have different roles (although I may be confusing different types with different ages of the same type). Some of them are up to four times larger than the others, with massive heads, and they don't seem to do anything but move around (although they might be on guard duty). I have a 4x portrait of one of them that happened to stop long enough for me to get a shot off, and it's head fills the screen (unlike the pair here where two of them fit in the frame at 4x).


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