Ricoh GRD4 vs. Sony DSC RX100

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Re: Now I see

ChristianHass wrote:

A Subset wrote:

So is this how they get 13.2 mm to equal 1 inch, they run over it several times with a concrete truck?

Sensor size 1" (13.2 x 8.8 mm)

Can anyone explain this to me? An inch is no longer 25.4 mm, now it's 13.2 mm. Does this have anything to do with Nixon closing the gold window? Or maybe it's the Greeks trying to find more money in their container shipping rates? I swear (my mother doesn't like it, but I do it...) this is insane. But then, whutz gnu?

  • A.

Exactly the same way that Ricoh got the GRD sensor to measure 1/1.7", it's a standard, it's a poor one, but Sony isn't the only company using it.

Yeah, it's some antiquated measuring system using the diameter of a cathode ray tube projection or somesuch now meaningless thing so totally irrelevant to today's digital sensors.

But what are they going to do. If one tries to be accurate and say 13.2 mm then the other guy saying 1" will have the advantage. So there needs to be a consensus or regulatory intervention like how makers were forced to be accurate with TV/monitor sizes

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