What is the D800 AF test procedure?

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Re: Here's Nikon's procedure:

tashley wrote:

The Nikon instructions are specifically for adjusting the centre point for AF fine tune.. You only ever make AFFT adjustments to the centre point. Testing for the accuracy of peripheral points is a much different and much more demanding procedure on which endless discussion has occurred, hence the suggestion to follow the Thom method.


Yes. That's correct. You first adjust the fine tune for the center AF point (that's the only AF point where you adjust fine tune).

Once that's done then do a check of the focus accuracy on an outer point. The procedure says if the outer point does not focus properly -- after you have adjusted the center point fine tune -- then send it in for service.

Of course the outer point focus accuracy will not be as good as the center, for a number of reasons. And the D800's hi-res really shows the flaws. But if it is clearly off, then send it in.


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