Clapper Rail, and other birds - Comments welcome!

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Clapper Rail, and other birds - Comments welcome!

This Tuesday was my first trip to my favorite marsh this Summer, not interupted by heavy clouds and/or rain. And while decent from a photographic standard, my trip was made by the appearance of a Clapper Rail

The Clapper Rail, like all Rails are very odd birds. Nocturnal, from time to time they are still around in early morning, and once ever two years I get a chance to photograph one. ALl of these photographs were taken between 5:45 AM and 7:30 AM

Once or twice I saw them and mistook the Raiil for a rabbit - Much easier to do then one would think. The last picture shows why. If all one see's is their rear end, with the body leaning forward, they do indeed look much like an Eastern Cottentail. But I include a number of other birds I shot Tuesday morning...

I was facing the marsh, from the ocean, when he first came walking out...

He pauses to enjoy a small snall

I was dressed in my disguise of a dead Great White Shark, and over the course of 45 minutes managed to get within thirty feet. He never saw me, but was extrememly worried about the shutter sound, and so lay low, occasionally giving of their warning cry of "Shak, Shak, shak..

A close up...

And if he was leaning forward, he would indeed look just like a bunny...

I caught this Skimmer changing direction...

A close crop. The beak looks like it was glued on by accident..

Sad picture. Tree Sparrows mate for life, and this ones matee was lying dead under the bush he was on...

A Semi-Palmated Sand Piper trys to find the camera.

And here, a Semi-Palmated Plover poses in a dramatic setting

Another shot of a Snowy Egret hunting in the sea

And finally, a Lesser Yellowlegs, truly a "dainty" bird goes fishing in the marsh.

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