2x Extender for Canon

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Pedro Moreira
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Re: 2x Extender for Canon

You cant use an extender with your 18-200! I think its physicaly impossible and even if it was possible it wouldnt AF!

Probably your best bet on a budget (no 400mm on a budget) would be to get a Canon 55-250 IS, which is cheap and has good quality for the price.
For 400mm i would recommend Canon 100-400L IS USM ou Canon 400 5.6 L

Sorry for the bad news

Venu Bharadwaj wrote:

i'm looking for a 400mm lens - mainly to use for cricket and fast sports like F1 shooting !! (i'm not a pro)

i have canon 50D with 18-200mm lens (f/3.5-5.6)..50mm f1.4

i'm extremely confused on to buy a new lens (300mm or 400mm) or buy extender 2x for my current lens (18-200mm) - i know with with 2x f stop will be f/11.2 @400mm - as it will be for outdoor - i reckon it should be ok?(i may be wrong here)

the doubt/confusion i have here is

  • is Extender good with zoom lens or recommended for only prime lens?

  • is the 2x Extender good for my lens? will i be able to achieve good, sharper images?

  • Canon 2x Extender is out of my budget - need to limit the budget within £250

  • other than Canon, read some good review about Kenko 2x Teleplus PRO 300 DGX - is this good for my lens and camera pls? or any other you recommend ?

  • is it worth to buy Extender

your view/thought will be greatly received...


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