Sigma DP2 Merrill marketing: Hyped, wrong, dishonest, or just defective cameras?

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Re: Bad example

This one? Clear blue sky. Not hiding behind an edge.

SandyF wrote:

No, I set up my shots the same way as other examples in the discussions, such as

The sun wasn't 'hiding behind branches,' it was clearly coming through and in-between the branches, just as it isn't completely in the sky in the above example. I could not have stood visually to aim the camera directly at the sun in a completely clear sky... talk about eye burn! None of the grid examples posted were like that, to my knowledge. They usually had the sun behind an edge of something.... and that's how I can create a grid with the DP1, by shooting sun on the edge of our roofline. But the sun wasn't in the right place for the examples today, so I used the tree line as an edge.

Best regards, Sandy (archival) (current)

PS: added

perhaps they're not shooting directly at the sun but rather angled to the sun; note building lines are in these... the sun is not completely and clearly in the sky without what I've called "edges" of something else... like buildings. Don't have time to try to duplicate bad shots.....

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