Sigma DP2 Merrill marketing: Hyped, wrong, dishonest, or just defective cameras?

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Re: PS: DP2Merrill + Canon 5DII shooting into sun with flare

I think the grid is more of a problem. Lens flare is common and not really unexpected. Actually I think the DP lenses control flare pretty well. The grid is a unique problem. Although I do admit it has been improved since original DP1. I can provoke my DP2s to do it but it is not as extreme and it has never occurred in actual use. So there has been progress.

SandyF wrote:

PS: Note I'm not saying that 'grid' would not appear in some photos along with lens flare... I've seen the photos in the other thread, and I've seen DP1 'grid' on one occasion in 4000+ photos I've taken.

But regular lens flare is more of a problem than 'grid' ... and the problem shows up with other cameras too. I've had most flare most open with wide-angle lenses FWIW.

My examples today simply show, in my opinion, that shooting into the sun doesn't necessarily produce any aberrations more unusual than regular lens flare. I'll probably be taking lots of late afternoon/sunset coastal shots in CA later this month on our trip there, I hope.
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