Why Not the HX20V?

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Re: I'd prefer HX20V a lot more!!!

Nice photo, but its typical of the small sensor. Its extremely flat, there is no depth to it and there is not much contrast to it either. These are the things that you gain with a camera like the RX100. But, thats only if you can get a picture in the zoom range. Thats really the only weak point to the rx100 other than price.

The massive downside of the hx20v is, no raw. No control in post is just crazy. These cameras should include raw because its just an unprocessed version of the image. Its amazing they dont with all cameras.

I have the hx9v and its the best ps I have ever had, but it pales in comparison to any big sensor camera. The depth you get from an image is related to the sensor size in an almost linear way - the bigger the sensor, the more depth. I am completely torn between these 2 cameras because I really need the zoom range, but I really want the bigger sensor and raw capability. If the rx100 had a longer zoom with that bigger sensor, it would be a slam dunk for me, but its not. I really dont think I can live without the long zoom. This is a backup camera for me, and I shoot almost all video with it as well.

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