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dezignman wrote:

…and based on expectations of 2 separate user audiences (video & still photographers) it would seem impossible for Panasonic to satisfy both. If the EM5 has set new standards (a good thing for competition) then, would Panasonic have to introduce a new model to compete with it? And, maintain a camera for the video audience that has come to value the GH series for serious video?

I think there is the possibility of a new series line, maybe not now, but in the future.

I don't think it'll be difficult to improve the hybrid camera concept, with both still and video customers pleased with the result. Panasonic will continue to tell people that want "serious video" options to look at their true video products if a GHx fails to satisfy. When considering video, what you get at the GHx price point is a hell of a bargain compared to the steep price commanded by pure video cameras like the AG-AF100.


It's easy to forget that when wishing for 4k video and XLR jacks on the GH3, but it's the truth.

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