Olympics - what is the reality regarding getting cameras in?

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Re: Pics or it didn't happen :)

Went to the Copper Box at the Weekend to watch the Handball and went through the same thought process of what kit to take.

The 30 cm rule still allowed a 1D Mkiv and 70-200 2.8 which a fairly decent bit of kit to take into an event where in the end people are just there to watch the game and have a good time. One of the Stewards took a few pictures of me and the GF with it and not even a mention.

I went to some of the test events and had taken a pile of pictures already with the 1D mkiv and 70-200 so took along the 24-105 as just wanted to enjoy the day this time round and just have one body/lens.

Having flicked through the pictures this evening one thing I did notice (besides the obvious lack of reach that the 24-105 will have against the 70-200) was how less sharp the pictures were this time under the same conditions in artificial light. I don't know exactly what the lighting source is (it's bright enough), but I suspect it's jut a big ask of the 24-105.

Don't believe all the rumours about your food being confiscated - we took in plenty and no problem. Water is available on demand as is beer....at a price.

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