D800 vs D4 - AF issues possibly related to sensor design?

Started Aug 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
Jim Keye Senior Member • Posts: 1,964
I heard something similiar

scst48 wrote:

This is what I heard as a rumor from a local dealer,

My cousin's husband works for Nikon, and what he heard is that after exhaustive attempts to trace the problem, they're starting to think it's a matter of who's doing the delivery of the bodies--UPS vs FedEx. In short, the bodies that are being delivered by UPS are heating up too much in the dark brown trucks in the summer heat. This is causing them to warp a little and AF box becomes misaligned as a result. Unfortunately when they cool back down they don't relax to their previous aligned state. Fed-Ex deliveries, on the other hand, haven't had such problems because the white trucks keep the packages cooler.

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