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Re: Nex 35mm f1.8 coming, and it's very compact...

PaulRivers wrote:

Alupang wrote:

PaulRivers wrote:

In my ideal world, personally, I'd prefer to have some competition - the NEX would come out with a compact prime as described above, Canon would come out with blazingly fast autofocus by the time the EOS-M comes out, they'd match each others prices, and it would just be a matter of which color you prefer lol.

That's it huh? Which color you prefer? LOL; how about whether you want to hold your camera steady at waist level viewing top down with a tilting LCD VS arms stretched out like a freaking zombie.

(rolls eyes) Ok, first, a viewfinder is a more versatile tool for stabilizing the camera anyways.

And so....? Like the EOS-M has a viewfinder? WTH are you talking about?

Second, I far, far, far prefer the "zombie pose" vs the "pedophile, staring at my crotch while taking pictures of your children" pose you get with a swivel screen. Obviously I'm being over the top, but not much more than constantly referring to holding the camera out in front of you like everyone naturally hold stuff is.

Lot's of retarded zombies out there makes it "natural" huh? Don't be another Apple i-sheep; think for yourself. Common sense man-- holding a camera arms stretched out from your body is beyond retarded . It ruins the usefulness in the 22/2 for low light. Sorry to report this to you over and over, but you just don't seem to get it yet.

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