Sigma DP2 Merrill marketing: Hyped, wrong, dishonest, or just defective cameras?

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Re: Look at the full example set before choosing...


Based on what I just read on your responses to other forum members I was fighting myself to respond to our conversation. I came to the conclusion that as long time forum member with otherwise many useful tips, which I highly regard, it would be dishonest on my part not to. So, here it is:

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Richard Franiec wrote:

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

I have no doubts that your photographic and post processing skills are superior to mine and possibly to many other people.

Well I have doubts along those lines, but thanks... I never claimed to be a genius in either area, although at this point I do have a lot of practical experience.

But yes, since sunsets are integral part of the term "landscape photography" for which Foveon based cameras are said to be best suited, I would like to see samples of photos (without manipulations applied) to show consistency that the problem of the red grid, as available evidence suggests is a myth.

So would I, that's what I mean - in practice I am having trouble replicating the red dot issue in simple tests such as just taking a picture pointed at the sun, so I'm trying to figure out how to replicate the original issue shown. Obviously it's a problem in some cases - but which cases? That's what we need to understand.

I'll try and do some sunset photos, are you talking about sun at the horizon, or just very late day stuff?

Actually Quote:, "If you are talking about the red dot artifacts I'm having trouble getting them to appear in real life shots with the sun in-frame"). you have offered the evidence in your previous post in response to mine claiming that you cannot replicate the effect. Do you have it or you have yet to find it out?

The other active thread deals with pictures taken at night (another area of my interests). The "banding" problem in contrasting areas disturbs me. Could you, please, debunk my concerns that Foveon technology has limitations in this type of environment? I won't take suggestions of turning contrast and brightness on my monitor seriously so we can skip that one.

Sure, it's obviously not a Foveon issue, but processing. That's not banding but some weird processing artifact - I was among the first people to note it was not banding but a "stepping" artifact, that simply cannot be a sensor issue since the problem follows the shape of the lit object. Further tests by another user showed the problem vanished at default luminance NR settings, thus confirming it to be a processing issue.

Weird or not, the artifact is present and still disturbing. I don't know if this is a Foveon issue or processing. I take both as a whole package.

I don't want to turn another yet debacle into escalated outburst of emotions. No point of doing that, period.

You have done just fine at keeping emotion out of your posts. I am also for keeping emotions out out of the discussion, I just want understanding.

However I will also happily respond with emotion when that is called for, as is the case when forum members like Sandy are personally attacked. You have to speak in the language the poster understands. Most of the time it is not a language barrier, it is a convenient way to disprove and disregard the person who cannot express the meanings in perfect way. This website reaches the whole world. Would a little understanding and consideration for people who try their best to express themselves be nice?

All of us have emotions but for respect of others we should tame ourselves from outbursts as this could put credibility of our intentions in question.
I guess, Sandy can stand for her own very well.

BTW, I have to confess that English is not my native language (I'm proud of being able to use at least two to some degree). I always take an extra effort to make sure that I understand the other person who try to speak in my native tongue but might have difficulties because of nuances typical to every language.

The bottom line for me is to approach everything I'm interested with, with open mind, that's all. I will welcome all constructive support or counter evidence with gratefulness, but, on the end the decision to give particular product a pass belongs to me.

I have shown nothing but an open mind myself in regards to technical matters. But again I will not tolerate personal attacks on forum members and will respond vigorously to such.

I only wish EVERYONE had an open mind on technical matters, because for some posters in the forum a single image with some issue means a camera is worthless, rather than trying to understand what produced the image.

Sometimes looking in the mirror could be a very refreshing experience.

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