Sigma DP2 Merrill marketing: Hyped, wrong, dishonest, or just defective cameras?

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Richard Franiec
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Re: Look at the full example set before choosing...

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Richard Franiec wrote:

No amount of praising or bashing the product should be the decisive factor in making ones decision. I try to look for the best fit of relatively expensive product into my personal needs. Would artifacts shown in some examples bother me in my intended use of particular cam? Most likely.

If you are talking about the red dot artifacts I'm having trouble getting them to appear in real life shots with the sun in-frame. Can you give an example shot you would like to see, so that you can determine by example what the camera does?


I have no doubts that your photographic and post processing skills are superior to mine and possibly to many other people. But yes, since sunsets are integral part of the term "landscape photography" for which Foveon based cameras are said to be best suited, I would like to see samples of photos (without manipulations applied) to show consistency that the problem of the red grid, as available evidence suggests is a myth.

The other active thread deals with pictures taken at night (another area of my interests). The "banding" problem in contrasting areas disturbs me. Could you, please, debunk my concerns that Foveon technology has limitations in this type of environment? I won't take suggestions of turning contrast and brightness on my monitor seriously so we can skip that one.

From many samples of DP2M pictures I can formulate my perception of what the camera could do (or not do well) already. If you could re-read my post it is clearly stated there.

I don't want to turn another yet debacle into escalated outburst of emotions. No point of doing that, period. The bottom line for me is to approach everything I'm interested with, with open mind, that's all. I will welcome all constructive support or counter evidence with gratefulness, but, on the end the decision to give particular product a pass belongs to me.



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