CHDK, works sort of

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Re: CHDK, works sort of

I load by pressing the playback button an dthen choosing firmware update from the menu button. Once the update is completed I halfway press teh shutter button to turn the camera on. Then press the playback button to load the ALT. Then press the function set button to bring up the CHDK menu which brings up the CHDK scripts menu. I found the motion detection in that and it works, but as far as the main CHDK menu goes, I can not find it. The CHDK battery meter shows and I can bring up the CHDK scripts menu, but that is it.

I'm using a 32 gig card, thanks for the advice on the adjustments, but magazines I make sells to using my Fuji S500 and Panasonic FZ-50 generally want a certain resolution size that can only be reached using raw, that is why I want to try out raw using my SX220 because I think I also can make sells using this camera also. Thanks again for the advice.

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