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Re: Resizing bad?

jakesan wrote:

I have found that resizing, even a small amount, is very very bad for fine detail. Very bad.
-Create a blank sheet in Photoshop (or editor of choice).
-Draw some 1-pixel wide lines to represent fine detail.
-Be sure to put in some vertical and horizontal lines.
-Draw some wider lines and some other shapes.
-Resize it 1% or 50%, it doesn't matter. Try .1% if you have doubts.
-Now look at your lines (yes, pixel peep).

You can do some sharpening but sorry, the "real" detail is already gone. Sharpening in this case is a bandaid.

The IQ difference is noticable with real photos even on snapshot size prints.
When critically evaluating IQ using resized images is useless.
... which is why Panasonic is not allowing it.

I'm confused by this.

So, are you saying that, for a 4x6 photo printed on a 300 dpi printer, that photo HAS to be taken at 1200 x 1800, about 2 MP?

Doesn't printing a 10MP, 14MP, etc. photo on a printer in essence resize the photo?

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