B&H Video on You Tube Solves My 7D Focus Problem

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Handshake while using a strobe??????

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This YouTube link is to a 3 part video presented by B&H Photo. A canon rep explains the Canon Auto Focus System. I've had a Rebel, 20D, 40D, and now a 7D. My keepers on the 7D decreased to 50%. Now I know what I was doing wrong. I'm certain my keepers will increase. I've already learned some important pointers on using the 7D. It could help you too.


Thanks for the link! I've been looking for that series.

So what was it about the 7D that you learned to correct from the videos?

I don't know what the OP learned but here is how I went from about 50% tack sharp, 40%-45% pretty sharp, and 5%-10% clearly out of focus to at least 80% tack sharp and 15% pretty sharp. Tack sharp is when I can see sharp eyelash hairs on a waist up studio strobe lit portrait taken with my SP 28-75MM F/2.8 XR Di LD Aspherical (IF) lens on my 7D. Pretty sharp is when I can still see the hairs but they are a bit fuzzy.

I tried matrix AF and quickly realized that using Matrix focus is a sure way to bad focus the majority of the time. I switched to Single Point AF with the AF point on the eye of the subject. I change the AF point to the one that lets me recompose as little as possible.

When I realized that a lot of my images still weren't tack sharp I figured out that as I have gotten older I'm not holding the camera as steady as I used to - a tiny amount of camera shake was causing the loss of sharpness. Simply improving the way I brace my arms against my body and pressing the shutter more gently did the trick.

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