"Magical" colors: is 5D3 closer to 5D than 5D2 was?

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Re: Makes perfect sense to me :)

gdanmitchell wrote:

After a recent trip to Alpha Centauri I realized that I might have dreamed something about a person or other life form saying that he/it/she thought perhaps he/she/it had or possibly had not heard a rumor that the 5D (or was it something from Nikon?) has "better colors" (Alpha Centaurians love purple!) than something else that no one on Alpha Centauri has ever seen or used. But they photograph weddings! Yes, weddings! I like weddings!

What do you think? Doesn't this confirm what the little voices have been telling me? About cameras? And about Marie Antoinette and the big sunflower next to the talking fish? I think so, don't you!?

I like purple and weddings too! LOL!

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