Should RX-100 replace all my P&S cameras?

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Re: Should RX-100 replace all my P&S cameras?

RX-100 is stunning. A 1" sensor and bright 28-100 Zeiss lens in such a small package is unprecedented and will open a new trend in camera business, just like micro 4/3.

But I don't think I would replace my Ricoh GX-100. It is 'old', has a bit noisy 1/1,7 CCD, but is 100% pocketable, AND much more versatile. First, it has a wider high quality 24-72 mm zoom, very good jpeg output, even better DNG. If you use it mainly daylight, the output will be of high quality.

Ricoh GX-100 takes a one click bajonett extension tube, with which you can use tele (135 mm) or wide angle (19 mm) conversion lenses, designed directly to this set. 135 mm lens makes you portraits with narrow DOF. The camera, extension tube and the two Ricoh correction lenses weight less than 500 grams together. Tele- and wide angle converter need a separate bag, size is 100x50x50 mm, attached to trousers belt. Convenient, highly 'pocketable', hardly visible. Ricoh GX-100 accepts via the same extension tube 43 mm filters. Ricoh GX-100 has basic flash shoe, which accepts VF-1 electronic viewfinder. Did you know that this is the origin of all attachable electronic viewfinders used today by Olympus and others? The whole concept is just being copied. It is much smaller then today EVF, 90' tiltable, low resolution, but absolutely usable in bright sunshine, and other tricky situations.

I hope Sony, or others will come up with a camera that offers similar options, while keeping 1" 20Mp sensor. Then I will buy one. Until then I clean up grain of GX-100 in LR with a click.

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