CHDK, works sort of

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Re: CHDK, works sort of

Yes, I am in alt mode, but all I can get is the script menu, I even got the motion detection photo mode to work, but there is no main menu to go to for other things, only the script mode menu, that's it. I downloaded CHDK several times, and reinstalled it on the card like the instructions say, but all I can get is the script mode. If I were not in alt mode, i would not be getting that. But it says ALT at the bottom of the screen, but all I get is the script menu.

Simon97 wrote:

You have to hit one of the buttons to switch between the cameras normal menu and the chdk menu. I don't know which one your camera model. There should be instructions for your model. If it says "ALT" along the bottom of the screen, you are in the chdk menu mode. In this mode, many buttons have alternate functions.

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