Bloomberg: Nikon Cuts Profit Forecast

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Re: Compact camera sales falling

You may be right - if mid-level and high-level compact camera development stagnates and doesn't start adding things like WiFi, GPS, and even phone modules to its designs, and if phone makers put better and better cameras on-board (up to the limits of sensor and zoom lens size) with much improved ergonomics for hand holding. As for very low-end compacts, I would agree that their fate is sealed, but that has been obvious for quite some time. For the mid and higher end of the compact camera market, an awful lot of those "ifs" need to materialize for your dream of assigning compact cameras to the fate of pay phones comes true.

Do you know how all the fearless and not too unreasonable predictions made in the 1930's about how we would all be flying around in our own jet-car sedans by about 1960 panned out? Or that we'd all be living high and working 20 hours a week with our personal plutonium power plants and robots doing our dishes by the early 2000's, made by countless prognosticators in the 1960's? I could go on and on with people extrapolating current trends along a continuous timeline to predict the future with noithing but failure as their reward. So, as to your confident decree, I say: well, maybe, maybe not.
Keep learning; share knowledge; think seriously about outcomes; seek wisdom.

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