Problem with 7D v. 2.0 and EOS Utility 2.11.4

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Re: Problem with 7D v. 2.0 and EOS Utility 2.11.4

When you point the mouse to the shutter you get a focus beep in the "normal" view right? That's not Liveview as you have not started Liveview mode ( I did exactly what you described: AF in "normal" view before starting "Live" view and move back and forward to check changes in sharpness. BTW there is no change in MFA with my lenses doing this way).

Live view AF worked for me before firmware 2.0 with the same computers. After updating to firmware 2.0 I want to see if MFA has changed. AF in Live view is not available with 2 different versions of EOS utility.

I’ve been using this to try to MFA my lenses and it works on an XP computer and a Windows 7 laptop.

However, a couple of stupid ideas:

When you say the “AF button” you don’t mean the button at the top left of the first screen do you? I’ve found this only works in “normal” view. When you move to live view you get the new screen and you operate the live view focusing from the new screen.

The way I play with it is to hover over the “normal” focus button on the first screen until I hear the camera beep to say it’s got focus. Then I open up the live view screen, then the magnified view and look at the live image. In both live view windows you can move focus back and forward to give an idea of how far off the original position was. And you can "fully" live focus using another button, on the live view screen, if you want to (by this I mean mimic the camera's live view focus so you end up with the centre square changing from white to green).

I then close down all the live view windows and try a new MFA value in the camera, hover over the normal focus button etc etc repeating the whole process. This is actually a long story as I’ve discovered just how often the AF miss-focuses due purely to random changes… a topic for another thread!

The second idea, if you know the above, is that using a long interconnecting cable between the computer and camera may cause odd glitches.

Larry Wallis

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