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Re: XZ-1 advice/tips

jeegnesh wrote:

I will play with WB next time, When I use the flash the pictures come out fine but look quite fake, again I am sure its a setting thing, but don't know what to set when using flash. I like pics when you use bounce flash but thats not possible with the built-in flash off course.

That's the nature of direct flash - the lighting does look a bit unnatural. the only way around that is to use off-camera flash (which you can do) but that gets complicated, requiring a separate flashgun, stand, diffuser etc. If you are that interested in flash photography normally you'd use a DSLR. For the convenience and portability of a compact you have to accept some limitations and this is one of them

So are you saying for indoor movement use flash all the time?

I would, unless the light is very bright and you can get a shutter speed of 1/250 sec or so with the lens at f/1.8, which case you can do without flash. but for a moving kid you do want a fast shutter speed.

Best wishes

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