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mike703 wrote:

jeegnesh wrote:

Some questions I had:-

1 - Indoor shooting when the lights are on I get very yellow images, I am guessing I need to use a specific WB setting?

Yes. Indoor light is much yellower than sunlight so you need to use the WB setting appropriate to the source (tungsten light). Or, if you used flash, you would use the WB setting for flash which approximates to daylight.

On many cameras the 'auto WB' setting does a good job in most outdoor / flash situations but doesn't get indoor light right (as you have found) in which case you need to set the WB manually for tungsten lighting (or use flash, or shoot RAW).

I will play with WB next time, When I use the flash the pictures come out fine but look quite fake, again I am sure its a setting thing, but don't know what to set when using flash. I like pics when you use bounce flash but thats not possible with the built-in flash off course.

2 - What setting to use for kids when there running about eg. sportday or even my little girl who just will not stay still for pics. I found outdoor in good light I could use 1/400 in S mode and pics came out pretty good, but I guess I would not be able to use that indoors?

You need, of course, the fastest shutter speed possible. outdoors in good light that is easy. Indoors there is no way you'll be able to use 1/400 sec even with the lens wide open, unless you use the highest ISO setting in which case image quality will be very poor due to noise. So use flash indoors unless the subject is sitting still.

So are you saying for indoor movement use flash all the time?

3 - I find pics are rich in colour but frequently on the dark side, tend to use fill light in picasa a fair few times, should I get the exposure to +something?

My XZ-1 exposes very well. Without specific examples it's difficult to guess, but what you describe could arise fro including too much bright sky in the picture (the camera sees very bright areas and gives a short exposure, which means that the less brightly lit parts of the scene are underexposed).

If you have bright sky in the background, add +0.7 or +1 stop of exposure compensation. or (easier) is to use manual mode. Take a meter reading by pointing the camera at the ground and set that manually. Then the setting will be correct until the light changes, even if you include sky in the picture.

Yes you are spot on, these pics are ones with the sky in the background, will have a go at stepping up the exposure first of all.

Best wishes

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