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joe6pack wrote:

jeegnesh wrote:

1 - Indoor shooting when the lights are on I get very yellow images, I am guessing I need to use a specific WB setting?

Right. In fact, I often need to increase the exposure. I feel that certain light source tends to cause more noise.

2 - What setting to use for kids when there running about eg. sportday or even my little girl who just will not stay still for pics. I found outdoor in good light I could use 1/400 in S mode and pics came out pretty good, but I guess I would not be able to use that indoors?

For outdoor, I either use A-mode or P-mode because F4.0 is sharpest base on experiments done by other forum members. And it also keeps just about everything in focus. If you use S-mode outdoor, at 1/400, you risk over exposure. Also when the camera choose smaller aperture, image quality suffers. I use S-mode mainly indoor so I don't ended up with blurred image.

Will try that out.

3 - I find pics are rich in colour but frequently on the dark side, tend to use fill light in picasa a fair few times, should I get the exposure to +something?

That would help. Also, stick to RAW file for indoor shots.

Never got into RAW think that has to be my next step.

Any other tips for a new shooter, there was settings on here about P mode, center, fish icon, I have set them and am using those already.

Thanks in advance.

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