Why I like the 45 to 200mm lens

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Kuppenbender wrote:

ANAYV wrote:

forpetessake wrote:

If you want to see the sharpness, take the test images, there is no need for all that guesswork.

What would I do with test images....I already have the lens and shoot what I shoot with it (real world results, that are satisfying to my eyes,anyway)

My thoughts exactly. Meticulously controlled, computer analysed reviews have their place and it's hard to argue with them, but real world user experience is also important. This is precisely what I come to this forum for.

Context is also relevant. This is a lens that can often be had for absolute bargain prices. If some people are finding it suits their needs and can post examples, to me that's absolutely relevant and much appreciated.

It's just a hobby...and it's quite fun

The bottom line.

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