Migrating to GX-1 from RX100 and why

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Re: Migrating to GX-1 from RX100 and why

Well said. I won't say that I haven't given cameras a 'test run' in the past. Hey, there is plenty to like about it but ultimately I wanted to switch to the GX-1 because it holds more potential for me. Here is a link to some RX100 'test' samples I shot.

Speaking of price, I got my GX-1 for a great one, $639(US warrantied).

By the way, thanks Greynerd for your supportive thoughts.

Greynerd wrote:

It is difficult to know if a camera is really going to be to any individuals taste until they use it for a period. There is no possibility that his buying the camera has affected the price in any way. I think your post is just absurd and unpleasant.

Polyglot92 wrote:

So in summary because you didn't think enough about the features you wanted before buying the RX100. Please think a bit more next time to avoid driving up the prices for the rest of us unnecessarily.

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