Migrating to GX-1 from RX100 and why

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Re: Migrating to GX-1 from RX100 and why

Okay. Thanks for taking the time to share you thoughts on my post.

Polyglot92 wrote:

joe talks photography gear wrote:

A few weeks ago I bought a Sony RX100 and though its performance mostly matches the hype I parted ways with it after a week of shooting with it. The reason why?
1. too small for me. I am not someone who requires 'pocketability'.
2. not ergonomically designed, surface a bit slippery.

3. no articulating lcd. Knew that upfront of course but in practice I miss the ease of changing perspectives that comes with one.

4. auto exposure bracketing specs lead to more miss than hit shots when considering the exposure variation actually captured...particularly in contrasty scenes where it is needed most.

5. no ovf...not even a bad one for emergency use. True, the new Sony lcd has generally good viewing in bright light...but it ain't perfect.

Now comes the GX-1 and it checks all of these boxes for me, Plus, I believe it has better dynamic range capabilities.

1. not 'pocketable' but, has some heft to it and feels better in the hand, with better ergonomics for my hands and preference.
2. lcd articulates, of course, and I enjoyed the G11/12's.
3. sufficient AEB range of + -2 ev.
4. the emergency use optical viewfinder.

It matters not to me that the camera is no speed demon as I am not an action photographer.

I don't worry about softness in corners and I do shot a lot of 1:1 format so that eliminates that issue.

I haven't been following along in this forum so I am not sure of what downsides shooters have been reporting. I am going to be focusing on all of the good things it is capable of.

Being a fan of the advanced compact camera, I enjoyed my time with the G11 and G12 but have thought the GX-1 to be overpriced at introduction.

So in summary because you didn't think enough about the features you wanted before buying the RX100. Please think a bit more next time to avoid driving up the prices for the rest of us unnecessarily.

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