GX1 adapter (FA-DC58C) leaks light Frustrating!!

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Re: GX1 adapter (FA-DC58C) leaks light Frustrating!!

English is not my first language so perhaps not the right used of words/expression

I agree, I am jumping in to conclusion and i hope that I am wrong, as I really want to take some cool pics with the b+w 110D filter.

I did some long exposure test with the lens cap on and noticed some light leaking form the top and bottom, but lets see if this creates any issues when using the real filter.

I will of course post the result as soon as my ND filter arrives.


Solar Eagle wrote:

Seems a bit silly that you've let your self become "soooo mad/frustrated" over light leak spoiled images that don't even exist. If you're mad at a condition you have yet to even experience I'd say it's a personal problem, not a product problem. It is after all the sense of anger that creates the anger.

BTW the Lensmate adapter also passes light, and I've not had any issues becuase of it.
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