Photoshop CS6 For $200 at Amazon

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Re: Photoshop CS6 For $200 at Amazon

There's no difference at all between the academic and full version of any Adobe software, with the exception that upgrades to the next level are not possible. So if you bought CS5 you can't buy the 'upgrade' to CS6, you need to buy CS6 complete. If you are still eligible when the new product is released, you can buy the the new academic version and it is often cheaper than the upgrade anyway.

To upgrade to LR4 from LR3 was the same price as the Academic version of LR4 for example.

Upgrades within one version, such as going from LR4 to 4.1 or CS6 to 6.1 (when it is issued) are all included.

It used to be the case that if you bought the academic version you had to agree that it was not going to be used for commercial purposes, but that has now changed, too.

I teach part time, and so manage to do quite well with software!

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