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Thanks, those r usually the questions I ask for almost anything I get on eBay, so it makes sense... I found one for $430 and free ground shipping and some bonuses online at http://www.ajrichies.com/Canon-EOS-Rebel-T2i-Body/p-259 so I think I'll just get it there... I assume u meant $500 for body only?

btagalog wrote:

I got my T2i off ebay brand new with no defects at all. I got it for like 500 at an auction. I don't know if this helps but i guess the best questions to ask are:

1. How long has the it been used (if you are going for the used ones). since the camera is 2 years old it might be used a lot.

2. What did he/she use the camera for. If it was used for outdoorsy or extreme situations it might be more weary.
3. Why they are selling it.

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