After some Film experience back to GXR

Started Aug 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
Peter Bellars Regular Member • Posts: 309
Re: After some Film experience back to GXR

That is a very valid exercise Spiegellos. I tend to shoot film as well as digital so I don't have the time off one to savour the other but there is something very different about handling a film camera and loading film and taking light readings. There is nothing wrong with limiting the number of digital shots you allow yourself to take and turning off the viewing screen of your camera to simulate the film shooting experience. This is something that I like my GRD for being able to do. You need the screen for focussing though with your gear unless you go for Zone focussing. Anyway, I completely understand how a short hiatus from the digital world can bring you back to a fresh shooting experience with digital. More people should do it...


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