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Re: Solution to D800 AF ISSUES

I go to my local veg and fruit store AND also the supermarket. I am more than welcome to taste one fruit to determine if it is fit for my consumption ;-D and no hard feelings if I don't buy.

Any store that won't allow me to touch, test a product costing several thousands at least for half an hour (3 hours is a bit exaggerated) and has no reasonable return policy is what I would label a BULLY. And they have their answers on their noses why they are losing out to online (no overhead) stores. I wouldn't step into such a store.

GMack wrote:

No dealer I ever worked for would allow you to open a new box, charge up a battery for 3 hours, and then fire off a lot of shots and run up the counter only for you to decide you don't want it for whatever reason and try another one. Much less expect them to try and peddle it off as new after you finished with it. Most you would get is to touch their used demo and evaluate it which you wouldn't want to buy as it is a demo.

Would you? May as well sit in a chair in a supermarket and test bite into all their peaches and see where that goes.


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