Upgrade time. Canon 1 DX????

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Re: Upgrade time. Canon 1 DX????

Hi all,

Thanks for sharing your opinions. Indeed, it has been a long long time for me to upgrade. A few years ago I was thinking to upgrade to the 5d MK II but as it was out for some time I wanted to wait until the Mark III version came out. That took much much longer than I anticipated for.

I was still making great pictures with my 20D (it's the photographer that makes the pic), but yes there definitely were limitation to my system. (AF, ISO etc).

So my plan is to buy a camera again for about 6 years or so.

But yes, the 5d Mark III has been on my list as well and I am currently trying to make a justification for myself to buy the 1 DX as it is so much more expensive. I am often in the Middle East due to work and it's very dusty (dune sand) so I wonder if the weather sealing of the 1 DX would be better for that environment or if the 5d Mark III should work well there also.

The fact the 5d Mark III has such a great AF system does bring the 2 camera's closer together. It's just that I "always" hear from the 1D users that the feel of a 1D camera is so different than from the lower ranges.

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