Apple, the consumer and the unemployment

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Re: You are right,

Just spec'ed out a hardware equivalent of the MBP with non retina and it was 1758 pre tax. That was thanks to the "special sales price" normalls 2088 includes software and hardware equivalents of the MBP aka iPhoto iMovie idvd types of things. PLUS AV software and computrace aka Find my Mac and capability (readiness) for wifi display. so even atthe sales price I will take the 400 increase for lack of windows headaches for home use please. Corporate use I'd say it depends... but home use the 400 in maintenance time savings is well made up for and i dont have a Computer that slows down over time. Please take your trolling elsewhere the overpriced status (OOOOOOO $100 bucks at normal retail) is gone.

HP envy 15t-3000 with 2.6 i7 8gb 750gb HD nvidia 1gb gram 1080 display (closest to 1440x900) vs the 1368x768 + software to match included with osx.
Patrick D.

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