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Re: Wonderful work, Rob

Don't feel bad about the ivy. It was too easy. Zero edge. Had to go!

All the people shots are straight grabs. I suck at set ups. And I never shot people for stock, as I was always too lazy/impulsive to stop someone for a portrait and then try to get them to sign a release. In NYC, this is practically impossible anyhow. The closest I come to actual portraiture is still life. Everything else is hit and run.

I am all too aware of the commercial eye I've developed. It's a bit of a curse really. I often struggle with trying to take less rigidly composed images. Even the people stuff I shoot on the street, which is almost always taken from chest level, without bringing the camera to my eye, somehow comes out as calculated and premeditated.

I envy those with loose, gritty styles, but usually when I try to emulate loose or gritty, it comes off as forced, or just misses completely.

The one area I've had some success with, in terms of an artier style, is slow sync flash, which has a nice unpredictable quality, albeit sort of a one trick pony.

But at the end of the day, I'm a natural/ambient light fanatic, who just happens to have been exposed to so much studio lighting, that when I see it replicated by nature or happenstance, I'm drawn to it. I also seem to have been brainwashed into making pictures with lots of room for ad copy.

Funny thing is, my stuff is a little too loose for actual advertising (ad clients want labored big productions, not just a guy with a 50mm lens), while simultaneously being a little too slick for art.

If the market for stock wasn't so ridiculously over saturated and under paying (I used to make very decent money on it in the 90s), I'd still be shooting it. Instead, I guess I'll just keep doing what I've always done; shooting for myself.

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