D800E from a D300, anyone experiencing the same as me?

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Re: D800E from a D300, anyone experiencing the same as me?

CRiddell wrote:

I have even tried with live view and if the object is more then 20 feet from me the
image is very soft.

Concentrate on this, be sure you are using MANUAL focus in live view and zoomed all the way in.

If this is soft you have an issue unrelated to the camera AF system. My first guess would be technique or expectations. Remember if you load in a tool and zoom 1:1 that it's a whole different 1:1 than the D300. What looks sharp on a D300 will be expanded significantly more and look less sharp for the same angular size.

Check that you have a very high shutter speed or stable platform so it's not motion. Make sure you are really at the same F stop (ok, that sounds dumb but I did a whole test run with a D800 and found I was at F2.8 instead of F1.4, it happens).

Because when you focus manually with live view those are actual, real sensor pixels you are looking at, and there's no calculation or focus mechanism involved. What you see is what you get. If what you are seeing doesn't come through, then you have some issue with technique.

If what you see on the viewfinder IS what you get, and it's softer than you see at the same magnification on the D300 (i.e. same size for the same item in view) -- well, I don't know what to say. But I bet it's not that simple, or you really do have something wrong.

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