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Guy Parsons wrote:

Nikon adapter depends on Nikon lens type, the older type with aperture ring on the lens need a simpler adapter, the later G type lenses with no aperture ring need a more complex adapter that allows aperture control but is blind as to actual aperture chosen.

So Nikon fit lens plus appropriate Nikon adapter to M4/3 camera works, but naturally there is no auto focus, you need to do manual focus and on the low res E-PL1 screen it is close to impossible to get accurate manual focus. You do need the VF-2 viewfinder for any real hope of manual focus accuracy.

Also no aperture control from the camera, you use the camera in say A mode where the camera reports "A--" as it can't read the aperture set, then you manual focus at maximum aperture then close down the aperture via the lens ring or adapter control and shoot. The metering sorts it out but you do need to inspect the shutter speed when at selected aperture to see if appropriate and may need to change aperture again or ISO to get a more appropriate shutter speed for the situation.

If needing IBIS then the IBIS needs to be set to the actual lens focal length. With a prime lens it's easy, set and forget, but if using a Nikon fit zoom then it's a total nightmare to keep having to change the IBIS setting every time you change the zoom setting.

Sometimes just using real M4/3 lenses makes so much more sense. I have a drawer full of Nikon lenses and never use them on my E-PL1 as it is just too much effort for so little gained.

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Thank you, Guy. I will be using a focus rig and matte box so I would like to know which Nikon or Sigma lenses would be open to me. The reason I was looking at Nikon and Sigma is because I wanted more options because I'm looking for a faster prime at 12mm and 35mm. I'm really impressed by the recent 12-35mm that came out, however I need faster than 2.8.

-Do you have any suggestions for two primes at 12 and 35 which are superfast (going to be shooting low light)?
-Also, do you know if its possible to use zoom lenses with a matte box?

-Are the Oly/Pani lenses the only 4/3 lenses which offer complete compatibility with my EPL-1 body in that they are able to be fully functional in regards to the use of menus and system function?

-I am going to buy the VF2. Does anyone know where I can purchase a full coverage eye cup designed specifically for the VF2? I need one that will cover my entire eye.
I appreciate the advice that you or anyone else can give me.

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