7D (and others) which is correct exposed?

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Hostile? Not really

The goal is to help quench the nonsense spouted by the theory folks who fail to actually know much about photography.

Because if I can quench misinformation, other people who are learning will learn less nonsense.

Anyone who thinks there's a general rule about exposing to one side or the other of a historgram doesn't understand histograms.

The histograms for those bird shots would be hugely different if the birds were lit identically, but the background was different. And it is the birds that matter.

My quenching project also includes ending mathematical exercises relating to depth of field and sensor size; ending the convincing of people that they need new lenses if they buy new cameras; and trying to end the failure of wedding snapshooters to adequately perform the role of viewer-proxy.

And I try to nudge people into not wasting money on fancy cameras if it means they must skip good flash lighting and other lenses and, most importantly, framed prints of their best work.


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